November 05, 2020


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The election is to be continued…. 

Tuesday night Team Group Chat hosted the ULTIMATE Election Night livestream on Twitch. If you didn’t catch it, live under a rock, or were too busy drinking your anxiety away… don’t worry. We recorded our Road to the White House virtual party and you can access it here.
We’ve listed our TOP 5 Takeaways below. 


Road to the White House Top 5

#5 Drama eats nuts like a king 
The fashionably-late Barack O Drama stirred controversial talk amongst viewers and unemployed DJ Eric Dlux as he casually consumed mixed nuts one by one. Let me tell you how insane this is… take a second. Think back to the last time you ate some mixed nuts. Have you EVER not grabbed a handful?! No. The answer is no. In his defense, Drama hadn’t eaten dinner yet and he “needed a little snack”. We’re not upset, just disappointed.#4 WTF Florida?? 
As my home state, watching Florida’s voter turnout and ultimate winner runs near and dear to my heart. Being one of the first states to close voting, it gets me in  the election night spirit. I’m like a little kid in a candy store…. until the map starts changing colors 🥴. As a Cuban-American I tend to have little hope for Miami-Dade to be blue, and being from Orlando I ~hope~ the county is blue each year (shout out to my family for holding it down!). Let me tell you the EXCITEMENT when Miami-Dade turned blue, then Tampa, then St. Pete, Orange County, DDDUUUVVALLLLL (Hey, The Good Place fans)… the excitement was unmatched.Although President Trump ended up winning the state, this sparked a great conversation… why do Cuban-Americans typically vote Republican? I mean Jimmy Carter (Dem.) was the big man in charge during the Mariel boatlift in 1980 where 125,000 Cubans were able to emigrate to the US. Did he do the BEST job? Debatable. But he made a valiant effort to ease tensions. The simple answer to why Cuban-Americans tend to vote Republican? Per my family’s response, and friends… because of fear.  Fear of returning back to a socialist regime. One that uprooted their families.#3 Dee is probably the most convincing politician on the planet
Eric Dlux. World renowned DJ. Celebrity podcast guest. First-time voter. Yes, you read that right.Up until Nov. 3, 2020 Eric Dlux was not planning on voting in the 2020 election. Hadn’t even crossed his min. The justification? Living in California, and California swings blue so why would his vote matter? Before we get too deep into this one…let me tell you one thing: EVERYONE’S. VOTE. MATTERS. PERIOD. We have the privilege and individual right to vote. Don’t f*ck it up but skipping out. Now back to Eric.Our boy Eric wasn’t going to vote until politician Dee jumped in. A fighter for Democracy, Dee was able to convince Eric that he should vote. The takeaway? Eric gleamed on the live feed about how great it was to vote and to do his part. We don’t what exactly Dee said… maybe he’ll share it on next tomorrow’s pod?

#2 Omar Miller is the goat. 
I promise there’s not a bigger CSI Miami fan than me. Promise. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that. No, I will not be changing my ways. While most know him from Ballers, it’s clear that everyone who comes across Omar Miller falls in love with the man. And on Tuesday night, he DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

The passion, the drive, the accountability hearing him speak about our individual duty of fact-checking and holding friends accountable was like a beautifully orchestrated symphony. I can’t put all of my hype for Omar here… we would need like 4 more newsletters. But you can check out the recording at 01:30 and listen for yourself.

and last but not least….

Our #1 Takeaway from Election night: Mr. Pfaff is WAY cooler than Drama.
ZERO doubt in my mind that this statement ^ is not fact. Let me tell you why…

  1. Mr. Pfaff was ready to go and joined Twitch BEFORE DRAMA. That’s dedication.
  2. The man is intelligent. No question. He’s able to elegantly articulate his thoughts, share multi-faceted views on most issues, and was able to remain unbiased during his time on the stream.
  3. The man, the myth, the legend took one of Bronny’s first photos! AND we finally got to see it! Check it out here.

Short story long, the Road to the White House Live Virtual Party was probably the best election stream EVER. Make sure you don’t miss out on any more of our Twitch streams by subscribing here.While election results are still pending, make sure you don’t miss out on the run down. Subscribe to the Group Chat Podcast below.

-Chrissy Leigh

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