April 27, 2020

The History of 420

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Who can we thank for 420? These dudes.

Five very average looking white dudes who will go down in weed history forever. They called themselves “The Waldos” because their typical hangout spot was a wall outside the school, duhhhhhh. They were high school students in Northern California and one day in 1971 would change their lives forever.

One of them knew a coast guard who supposedly had a huge crop of weed that was unguarded. The boys developed a plan to meet at 4 20 PM after school to find the weed.

They didn’t find the weed, but operation 4 20 wasn’t a failure. They started referring to smoking weed as “420” in a way to be discreet around parents and teachers. The phrase caught on and 420 became synonymous with weed.

As if weed smokers needed another excuse to smoke more weed, 4/20 has turned into National Let’s All Meet Up and Get High Together Day. Last year, Denver had over 50,000 people at their Civic Center sparking up. That isn’t fog…

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