April 20, 2020

Voice Notes Are For Losers!

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Today we’re discussing The Be Rare Foundation, the protests in Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming, and Virginia to end the lockdown, the man in Indiana who was accidentally given an $8 million stimulus check, the new information linking coronavirus to a Wuhan laboratory’s effort to compete with America, the 22 million Americans who filed for unemployment benefits in the last four weeks, the Paycheck Protection Program running out of money, the Small Business Rescue Loan Program hitting its $349 billion limit, U.S. retail sales plummeting a record 8.7%, Facebook’s new fact-checking system, Michael Che’s decision to pay rent for the tenants in his late grandmother’s public housing complex, Amazon’s request for customers to stop buying things, Houseparty’s 50 million sign-ups in one month, Robinhood’s success, the lack of action taken by Carnival executives when they knew the virus was an issue, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more¬†


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