April 28, 2020

Pete Caught Redhanded

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Today we have an interview with Matt Randall, the Co-Founder/CEO of Spot insurance. Then we’re discussing ESPN’s ratings for the Michael Jordan documentary ‘Last Dance,’ Travis Scott’s Fortnite tour starting April 23rd, Trump’s immigration ban for coronavirus, the states that are reopening in the coming weeks, congress’s deal with the White House in regards to small business aid, the corporations that are taking payroll loans designated for small companies, how the terms of the PPP have resulted in legalized fraud, the banks being sued for PPP loans, the oil price crash, Kim Jong Un’s health, Shake Shack’s $10 million loan returned to the government, Uber’s retail and package delivery service, Netflix’s overwhelming amount of new subscribers, the end of Google’s San Francisco real estate ventures, As Seen on Social, and more



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