July 31, 2020

Microsoft to bid on TikTok?

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TikTok is like the hottest girl on campus right now. Every single dude is dying to spend all their money to get with her and all the other girls are trying their best to get rid of her. Except the dudes in this metaphor are giant tech companies and the other girls are the sovereign governments.

Microsoft Buying TikTok
Via Stocks Simplified on Youtube 

We’ve chronicled how TikTok is stealing users data as well as social media market share. We touched on competitors like Triller, Lasso, Reels and also venture capital acquisition rumors. Microsoft has become the latest mega company to throw their name in the hat. This come just as President Trump is set to announce an order for a TikTok divestment. Although he can’t actually force Bytedance to sell the company, the United States and other countries can make it extremely difficult for TikTok to operate.

Assuming Bytedance does sell, Microsoft actually seems like a really good fit. Not only does the company have $136 Billion in cash, but they have been trying to crack social media for a while now. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion which has generally been a good move for them. Although that’s still inside their realm of business professionals. Other attempts like Mixer were aimed at younger and more casual users but have not worked out. Companies like Facebook or Apple would probably have their bids blocked due to some regulatory oversight. It’s been rumored that investors are valuing TikTok at $50 Billion. We’ll be sure to keep you update if Microsoft or any other tech giants make a move!


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