July 26, 2020

Lou Williams leaves bubble for booty

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It seems while on an excused absence Lou Williams made a stop at Atlanta staple and strip club Magic City. “Whats Poppin” rapper Jack Harlow briefly posted a picture on his IG story with Sweet Lou but then took it down. Harlow tried to cover up and say he posted an old photo because he missed his friend. I know he wasn’t trying to but is this low-key dry snitching???

Jack Harlow Lou Williams Magic City

Lou-Will is being investigated for violating the special bubble rules and has seemed to admit he had in fact stopped by Magic City for a minute. The Underground GOAT is at risk of losing $150,000 because of this violation. He will also have to go through special procedures in order to re enter the bubble and the regular NBA season.

Lou Williams Bubble

I know it looks like Lou-Will left the bubble to get some booty but I really don’t think that’s the case. While I haven’t been to Magic City personally I know it’s not some sort of brothel. In fact it’s quite common for people to meet at strip clubs in Atlanta for business meetings or just saying hello. I think the NBA is being a little too tough on our boys… they have to be reasonable. Maybe open up a bubble strip club in the middle of Disney and test all the dancers?

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