July 31, 2020

Jared Kushner’s Covid-19 testing plan debacle

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Vanity Fair has just published a report digging into the task force led by Jared Kushner this Spring. If we rewind to that time, you will remember Covid-19 had began hitting cities like New York and Seattle hard. The White House was downplaying the effects of the virus while other developed countries were beginning to see mitigation from their response plans. Behind the scenes daddy’s little boy Jared Kushner was putting together America’s version of a testing plan. Unfortunately that plan was scrapped then thrown under the rug because it got in the way of the two most important things for Donny; the 2020 election and Wall Street.

Although Jared Kushner’s task force was wildly unqualified, they landed at the plausible answer that involved increased testing and agility to combat spikes. This task force was comprised of Jared’s college roommate, some banker from Morgan Stanley and guidance from Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen. Apparently they built most of the plan communicating on WhatsApp but actually put together what was required. Adequate testings resources, contract tracing, removing red tape for increased action, a centralized system that would allow to monitor and respond to spikes. However after weeks of formalizing this plan it was never passed to Donald Trump and was swept under the rug.

In early April when the plan was complete, this was mostly a blue state issue. Red states were dying to reopen and the stock market had began to rebound. What would coming forward with this plan look like to Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign? He had just spent weeks minimizing the effects and so what if a few libs get the China Virus, right? Our federal government shrugged their shoulders and told the 50 states “You deal with it!”

Local municipalities struggled to get the resources they needed. Phoenix’s mayor said in an interview that she reached out for tests and other resources but was told there wasn’t a high enough case count to permit FEMA funding or other aid. Now I may not be as smart as Jared Kushner’s college roommate… but maybe the lack of tests has something to do with the low case count? Meanwhile people who thought they had Covid-19 waited in some cases 13 hours to get tested while waiting in a hot car in Phoenix.

There’s even this sketchy invoice from some “health contractor” in Dubai. Apparently these guys delivered 3,500,000 Chinese made Covid-19 tests in a U-Haul to the UAE embassy. These $52,000,000 in tests actually turned out to be mostly defective. The invoice simply says WH for White House and it’s not really known who exactly ordered these tests. There is a strict process for procuring government contracts (best illustrated in the movie War Dogs) and if Kushner went around this process, there would be major ramifications.

Covid Test Invoice

This makes me even more mad than I was about the situation than I was before. Originally I thought we just had an incompetent executive branch that was too stupid to get anything done. Now we see that the severity of the United States Covid-19 outbreak did not stem from ignorance but rather selfishness. Selfishness on the behalf of the White House that put its own reelection interest and Wall Street’s interest before its own citizens. On top of the tremendous wealth transfer, its clearer than ever that the average person means nothing to our countries leaders.


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