April 27, 2020

Jack Dorsey is a weirdo

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He is the only CEO of TWO publicly traded companies, Twitter and Square, which makes him pretty legit. That being said, his daily routine is psychotic. He drinks a glass of salt and lemon water in the morning then doesn’t eat till dinner. He eats 1 meal a day and takes multiple ice baths. He takes more ice baths than he eats meals in a day! Here is an excerpt from his Vanity Fair interview-

“Dorsey wakes up in his multimillion-dollar glass mansion with postcard views of the Golden Gate Bridge, checks to see what the sleep-tracking ring on his finger says, then lowers himself into an ice bath before meditating in a warm tent sauna. This is followed by a seven-minute workout and then drinking his breakfast, which he calls “salt juice,” a concoction of water, salt, and lemon, which is the only thing he will “eat” until the evening, when he enjoys his single real meal of the day. His day wraps up in a slightly more extreme version of the way it began, with a ritual of 15 minutes in his barrel sauna, followed by three minutes in his ice bath, which he does back and forth three times for an hour. He then meditates again.”

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