October 07, 2020


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Last week saw a number of IPOs and direct listings including Asana, Palantir and Academy Sports. Let’s take a look at what these companies actually do:


Ticker: $ASAN
Open Price: $26.95
Closing Price on Friday: $25.91
Competitors: Smartsheet ($SMAR), Atlasssian ($TEAM)
Overview: Asana is a SAAS tool for project management. As a project manager I can say I haven’t heard much about this company but it does look nice I guess. Honestly all these project management tools are the same to me. If you don’t have process, structure and experience the tool won’t matter. The company lost $118 million last year but no one gives a shit about profitability anymore so the stock will probably do great.


Ticker: $PLTR
Open Price: $10.30
Closing Price on Friday: $9.20
Competitors: Tableau ($DATA), Snowflake ($SNOW)
Overview: Palantir specializes in data-gathering and analysis blah blah blah who gives a shit! They have $1.5 billion in government contracts and its spearheaded by Billionaire InvestorPeter Thiel. Not that this matters to anyone but Palantir has never been profitable! The more you lose the more your stock is worth!

Academy Sports & Outdoors

Ticker: $ASO
Open Price: $13.00
Closing Price on Friday: $12.99
Competitors: Dicks Sporting Goods ($DKS), Hibbet Sports ($HIBB)
Overview: Academy Sports has 250+ locations in the South and Midwest. I’ll be the first to tell you that it is absolutely beloved by all. It’s pretty similar to Dick’s however its much more affordable. Unfortunately this is not a tech company losing millions of dollars so the stock will probably do bad!

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