July 26, 2020

Instagram uses your camera at all times

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I’m a cheap POS who still has a iPhone 6 and still operating on iOS 12 for fear of my phone becoming useless. Well my stingy behavior finally paid off as the rest of y’all had IG watching you this whole time. A user posted a screenshot of his control panel showing Instagram using the camera on iOS 14 even when users weren’t taking photos.

Instagram iOS 14 camera
via @KevDoy on Twitter

An Instagram spokesperson came out and said it was simply a bug that has since been fixed… I’m not buying it, but I’m also low-key conspiracy theorist. You’re telling me Instagram wouldn’t love to listen and watch you all day in order to better serve you ads? We’ve all had that creepy moment when you get served an ad for something you wanted, but had not searched for or typed into your phone in anyway. We’ve seen other social medias like TikTok and LinkedIn get in trouble for accessing users clipboards content.

While it’s easy to condemn our technological overlords, we have to shoutout Apple for this new iOS update that’s pointing these things out. By adding these alerts people have more insight into how their devices is being used. Apple has a history of doing the most to protect their users and their data. Unfortunately they are one of the few who do and if you continue to extrapolate the erosion of privacy you begin to see our dystopian future where privacy no longer exists.

Happy Sunday!!!

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