July 28, 2020

How Oat Milk Became a Thing

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Oatly recently raised $200M at a $2B valuation from Oprah, Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO) and Jay Z.

10 years ago, no one was drinking oat milk or even knew what it was. Not only did Oatly have to sell themselves as a brand, they had to sell oat milk as a category.

Instead of going to grocery stores, they went to the coolest coffee shops in the city and gave the bartenders Oatly for free. Everyone first discovered Oatly in their trendy coffee shops, not their mega supermarket. Oat milk become trendy and cool.

At first, they marketed only exclusively to baristas. Who do you trust the most to advise you on the best milk for your coffee? The coolest baristas obviously.

After the all the cool baristas loved them, they marketed to the masses. They didn’t do “traditional” marketing. Normal milk is boring. Oat milk is edgy, cool and fun.
Their ads are un-fucking-believable. It really makes oat milk cool. This isn’t your parents milk, this milk speaks to you.

Oatly generated $200M in revenue in 2019 and is pacing for $400M by 2021. They just landed a massive deal with Starbucks to be their exclusive oat milk in over 1,300 locations.

This company is going to IPO soon and you best believe I’m going all in on that stock.

I guess when life gets you oats, you milk them for all you can.

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