July 24, 2020

El Presidente Interviews President Trump

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2020 continues to get more 2020ish with Dave Portnoy posting a three part interview with Donald Trump at the White House. I’m having trouble putting into words how preposterous this scene is. Here you have the unlikely unpresidential cartoonish leader of the free world being interviewed by a dirty childish $100 million dollar sports blogger admits a global pandemic and pending global recession. While the actual interview didn’t contain much substance I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

Portnoy and Trump

Here are some of the topics they touched on:

Kneeling & protests

Dave acknowledged Trump wasn’t a fan of professional athletes kneeling. Dave asked how does someone who’s disastified with an issue go about creating change. Trump deflected pretty well but gave a short answer of running for office even on a local level or creating political groups based on positivity. Trump cited what’s going on in Portland and ripping down statues as how negative repercussions occur if protests aren’t “friendly and nice”. Dave played devils advocate a little later on and said black people would feel like the president had their back if he endorsed kneeling and that it’s really a small concession. Donald responded “I don’t like the kneeling”.

How to bring the Left and Right together?

Its obvious the Left and Right are as polarized as ever and Dave asked how the two sides can come together. Trump responded “I think it was happening and then we got hit by the China Virus”, he pointed to the strength of the economy and Wall Street. Essentially he was trying to argue that everyone was about to have more economic prosperity and that would mitigate the divide.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

After referencing kneeling they went on a tangent berating NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dave Portnoy has a long standing hate for Goodell which has including yelling Hitler at him, being arrested at multiple NFL events and even a $250,000 charity bid to watch a game with Goodell (NFL commish backed out). Trump flamed him for looking washed up in a t-shirt and that Goodell needs to wear a suit and tie! Dave asked Trump if he would arrest Goodell for declining the charity bid and Trump joked it was probably a good decision on Goodell’s part.

Trump’s handshakes w/ other world leaders

Dave asked if Trump was trying to son other world leaders when he does handshakes with them. Donald joked about shaking Dave’s hand during COVID and asked if he got tested. Trump said he gets along well with world leaders and has been tougher on other countries (specifically Russia and China) than any other president.

Does Trump love Twitter?

Trump said he has a love hate relationship with Twitter. On one hand it allows him to directly communicate with people but acknowledge how much trouble it gets him in, especially when he retweets someone. Trump also said he puts out Tweets without thinking about them too much.

Dr. Fauci

Dave brought up that Fauci was to throw out the first pitch on baseballs opening day and questioned if Fauci would be able to. Trump referenced Fauci’s basketball days and how he was a “little fast guard”. Trump also through in he thought Fauci would like to see the country closed down for a few years but ended it with saying he was a good guy even though they disagree.

Opening the country

Trump said that the country and schools should be opened. He cited that children have a lower risk of contracting coronavirus. Trump also cited that he thinks there will be a “V” shaped recovery and that companies Q3 earnings will decide the election.

Life before and after Presidency

Dave asked Trump why he decided to run for president when his life was perfect before. Trump mentioned how life good was before he ran for president and how virtually everyone liked him. Trump said it was hard for him going from being in every rap song to people booing and hating him.

In conclusion

Overall it was a masterclass of avoiding questions during an interview which is perhaps Trumps main skill. Portnoy also had no pushback and served him up some softballs. Barstool employees (including Big Cat) and fans are upset that the comedy sports blog are getting into politics. While there was no substance in this interview, it’s an absolute must-watch that will leave you sure that the simulation we’re living in is broken.

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