October 08, 2020

Dee vs. Kanye 🏆

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Gurudeep Murthy! Ever wondered what goes through Dee’s head at any given moment? Yeah, we don’t either. But in case you did… we’ve got a surprise for you!

In royal Kanye fashion, Dee decided to open the chambers of his mind for everyone to hear (read?). As the star of the pod, we thought what better audience than our Kathys to share his wise words with. So without further adieu here are the top 10 scattered thoughts from Dee.

Top 10 Scattered Thoughts by Dee

1. Why the fuck is Peloton worth $34 Billion? Who is buying this stock at this valuation that thinks it’s going to double? What am I missing?

2. Have you signed from GRC 5k/10k/Half Marathon (if not, sign up here). I started running 11 years ago and it has changed my life. It is my escape from my daily life and has given me balance and great health throughout my 30s. We started The Run Club in WEHO 3 years ago because I wanted to create a community around an activity that promoted health amongst like minded folks. Today the club consists of people from all around the world and thousands of people have participated in our challenges over the years and have experienced major transformation in their mind, body & health, so come on join the race!

3. Yesterday a friend kept pestering me about pursuing other opportunities because he thought I wasn’t living up to my full potential in my current role, but I told him I love what I do and it would be hard to replace that passion with money. Here is a podcast I did about that topic.

4. The guy I mentioned on the podcast, Ollie Fox, has an incredible voice check it out.

5. I recently got a DWP (Department of Water & Power) Bill for $2200 for 2 months and thought that was high, but realized that because of the heat, fires , pandemic it is possible that we just overused power the past couple months. Any thoughts on why? Let me know on Twitter @deemurthy, @groupchat

6. Check out Period.co launched by major Fashion Stylist Karla Welch. The Revolutionary Waste Free, Leak- Free, Affordable, Non Toxic, Sustainable, Period Underwear For All. This business is going to be BIG!

7. Here are 5 brands that I have my eye on



Basketcase Gallery

Club Fantasy (full disclosure we are partners in the business but doing very cool things)

Motel Margarita

8. Eat Mush. Oatmeal that tastes like candy, dark chocolate & vanilla are the move

9. VOTE.

10. If you want to treat a special woman in your life check out Sunday Forever with all these incredible women around we wouldn’t have made it through the pandemic


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