October 12, 2020

Columbus Day is Fake News

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Growing up as an Italian kid on Long Island, New York we always loved Columbus Day. It was a day where we celebrated our people and more importantly enjoyed a three day weekend. As I grew up and became a fan of history I startedĀ to learn how Columbus was a murderous dumbass and everything around his story is a myth. Also I feel like most people don’t get off this day anymore, so I’m extra salty. Anyways here are a few quick facts about Columbus and Columbus Day:

“Columbus discovered America” – Besides the fact you can’t discover a place people already are this kid only made it to the Caribbean. He hit up Cuba, Jamaica, DR and some other islands. This claim is obvious cap on multiple fronts.

“Columbus proved the World was round” – People didn’t think the world was flat. I mean they do today but not back then. Columbus actually thought the world was shaped like a pear.

Columbus wasn’t even trying to find America – He was trying to find a shortcut to India and happened to stumble across unknown land. Should we really be celebrating people who mess up their job and get lucky?

Not only was he dumb but he was an asshole – Columbus pulled up on the Dominican Republic and the Taino people who were super nice to him on his first trip. He went back to Europe came back with reinforcements, then enslaved them. He tried to force them to give him their gold but that’s not naturally occurring on the island so they didn’t have any. Then he brutally started murdering them. The diseases the Europeans carried also infected and killed a bunch of native peoples.

Why we actually celebrate Columbus Day:
In 1828, some author wrote a biography about him and completely fabricated these things I pointed out. At the same time Italians were moving to the United States in huge numbers. At this time they were treated like shit and marginalized.Ā Italians clung onto this myth and created a hero out of him as some sort of defense mechanism or rallying point. Unfortunately he’s a POS and most of his legacy is complete FAKE NEWS.

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