About Us

What started as a side hustle turned into a company…

All of Dee’s friends were famous but him and he wanted to change that. He started a podcast with his business partner (and more famous friend) @Drama.

The podcast started gaining momentum, but it was clear the guys were both idiots. Dee’s younger and smarter brother Anand joined to add some knowledge.

Now that they had the 3 amigos, the podcast was growing exponentially. With their new found fame, they needed a videographer following them 24/7. Insert Pete, fresh out of college and ready to take on the world.

Seeing the potential, Taylor joined the team and started writing the newsletter. Now I am writing this. And writing about myself in 3rd person. Which is kind of weird.

Eventually we will have links to all our socials and podcasts and newsletters and shit here, but I have bigger fish to fry today. I’ll get back to this soon…

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