November 09, 2020

A Tribute to Alex Trebek

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In 2014, Trebek broke Bob Barker’s record for hosting more episodes of the same gameshow program than anyone else in history. Trebek took the top spot after hosting 6,829 episodes of Jeopardy, and given that he’s been hosting the show since then, that’s going to be a hard record for anyone to beat!2. YOU’RE HIREDTrebek was first hired to host Jeopardy after he was temporarily called to step in for Wheel of Fortune host Chuck Woolery, who was sick. Merv Griffin and Bob Murphy, the men behind Jeopardy, were convinced of Trebek’s worth when they saw his stint on Woolery’s show, so they hired him on the spot! He started on Jeopardy in 1984 and has hosted ever since.
The first job that Trebek had as a television host came in 1963 when he appeared on the Canadian music program known as Music Hop. In a format taken from American Bandstand, Trebek would welcome musicians onto the show before they would perform songs for dancing teenagers. Trebek would only host the first season of the show before he was replaced by a disc jockey named Dave Mickie.4. FLAME THROWER
During the lead-up to the 1996 Olympics, Trebek was involved in the running of the Olympic torch to Atlanta. He carried the torch when it reached Jacksonville, Florida.
Daytime Emmys, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Online Film and Television Association, Canadian Screen Awards and more, Alex Trebec has won a number of awards. He’s been nominated 37 times and has won 15 times! His potentially biggest win came  recently when he won Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series for Game Changers from the Canadian Screens Awards! Alex is a Canadian native so to bring home the win was HUGE for the late game show host.Above all, we have to ask:“Who’s going to replace him?”

“Will they cancel Jeopardy?”

“How will he honored?”

And these are all valid questions but if you asked me, I say cancel the show and pay tribute to the man who made the show what is today! No one is going to be able to follow him up anyway, it’s like replacing Michael Jordan on the Bulls, just not possible.


-YaBoy Pete

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